Family Events

We have lots of exciting things happening in 2019! Don't miss out: 

~ Spring Play date - March 17th

Don't forget to RSVP to the NI NOAH Spring play date on Sunday, March 17th from 1-3PM! The Exploritorium was a BLAST last year and we look forward to seeing everyone come together! 

More details below 👇- comment below or RSVP to!
✔️WHEN: Sunday, March 17th 
✔️TIME: 1-3PM
✔️WHERE: The Exploritorium 4701 Oakton Street, Skokie, IL 

✔️We will serve light refreshments and admission is $10 per family!

Join the fun and connect with other families in the NI NOAH community! #NINOAH#albinismawareness


~ Summer Pool Party - Saturday, July 27th, 2019


~ Fall Play date - October/November 2019 - Details To Come!

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